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Watching the uproariously silly spy spoof OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies you realize how much the James Bond super-spy embodies British national pride. Égypte, 1955, le Caire est un véritable nid d’espions. Nemecký titul totiž do slovenčiny možno preložiť ako Špión, ktorý miloval sám seba. Francuski predsjednik šalje glavno oružje da uvede red: Hubera Bonisseura de la Batha, Agenta OSS 117. Original title: OSS 117 se déchaîne… The first round of filming has wrapped on OSS 117: Alerte Rouge en Afrique Noire by Nicolas Bedos, following a Parisian film shoot spanning 15 November - 20 December.The team will return to work on 20 January, in Kenya, with Jean Dujardin leading the cast (crowned Best Actor in Cannes in 2011 and awarded the 2012 Best Actor Oscar for The Artist [+ see also: Genres: Parody, Eurospy, Comedy. Synopsis : 1981. Directed by Andre Hunebelle. OSS 117 se déchaîne is a film directed by André Hunebelle with Kerwin Mathews, Nadine Sanders, Irina Demick, Henri-Jacques Huet, Jacques Harden .... Year: 1963. OSS 117 is the codename for Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath, a fictional secret agent created by French writer Jean Bruce.Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath is described as being an American Colonel from Louisiana of French descent. The series predates Ian Fleming’s Bond novels and the first film made from them was filmed before Dr. No. Directed by: Michel Hazanavicius. More Wrestling & Fighting, Action and Swordfighting DVDs available @ DVD Empire. Secret agent OSS 117 foils Nazis, beds local beauties, and brings peace to the Middle East. The film series began with the 1957 OSS 117 Is Not Dead, starring Ivan Desny and directed by Jean Sacha; but it got its strong second wind with the success of the first James Bond film, Dr. No, in 1962. Sophisticated, smart, and a … Far more culturally fascinating—but still only intermittently chuckle-worthy—is the film’s unnerving racial content, an angular outcropping of its discomfiting plot: The goal of OSS 117’s peril-pocked mission is to track down a Nazi ex-pat in Brazil and retrieve a … Le film compte aussi quelques scènes cultes, dont la mémorable interprétation de « Bambino » par un OSS 117 aux talents très bien cachés. With this film, Jean Dujardin becomes the first actor to portray OSS 117 three times on the screen, breaking the record he previously shared with Kerwin Mathews and Frederick Stafford, both of whom appeared individually in two films of their own. OSS 117 : Le Caire, nid d'espions est un film français réalisé par Michel Hazanavicius, sorti en 2006.Il possède une suite sortie en 2009, OSS 117 : Rio ne répond plus et une seconde à paraître en 2021, OSS 117 : Alerte rouge en Afrique noire. Staring Michel Jourdan, Albert Dagnant, Roger Dutoit and Jacques Harden. film OSS 117 : Le Caire nid d’espions. Kairo je pravo leglo špijuna. OSS 117 : Le Caire, nid d'espions. Watching it, I began to shape a review about how its hero, French Agent 117, was by James Bond out of Inspector Clouseau and Austin Powers (try not to picture that). After service in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), de La Bath worked for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), then the National Security Council (NSC). This is the second OSS 177 film, based on Jean Bruce’s 1960 novel Lila de Calcutta, which was the 74th OSS 117 novel. OSS 117: Five Film Collection on DVD (738329224233) from Kino Lorber. Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath, alias OSS 117, est de retour. He is known for his two spy film parodies with Jean Dujardin: OSS 117 : Le Caire, nid d'espions et OSS 117 : Rio ne répond plus, then for the staging of the silent and black-and-white romantic film The Artist, performed by Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo. OSS 117: Rio ne répond plus is an over-the-top, outrageous, entertaining, visually appealing film that finds its greatest virtue in a solid protagonist who effortlessly carries the entire weight of the work. Egipt, anul 1955: orasul Cairo este un … As the 007 craze spread, spy spoofs proliferated in Hollywood and abroad. Film synopsis: Twelve years after his adventures in Cairo (OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies), OSS 117 is back for another mission at the end of the world. Well, to begin with, "OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies" is a terrific title. Rated the #103 best film of 2006, and #6671 in the greatest all-time movies (according to RYM users). This naughty, silly and wildly non-PC film, starring Jean Dujardin as the dopey patriot-hero, looks to me easily the equal of the Clouseau adventures. Never mind. While Michel Hazanavicius’ OSS 117 movies most directly satire a staggeringly lengthy series of French novels—and their super-spy protagonist, who predated James Bond by a few years—they also serve as a diverting spot-the-reference game. With Jean Dujardin, François Damiens, Khalid Maadour, Youssef Hamid. Directed by Michel Hazanavicius. Kairo 1955. leglo je špijuna i svi spletkare protiv svakoga: Britanci, Francuzi, sovjeti, obitelj svrgnutog kralja Farouka i sekta Keopsovi orlovi. Egypt in 1955 is the setting for "OSS 117: Cairo -- Nest of Spies," a spoof that reps a remake actually worth making. OSS 117: Alerte rouge en Afrique noire est un film réalisé par Nicolas Bedos avec Jean Dujardin, Pierre Niney. -V nemecky hovoriacich krajinách bežal film pod názvom OSS 117 - Der Spion, der sich liebte, čo mala byť vtipná narážka na “bondovku“ Špión, ktorý ma miloval (1977). Descriere Film OSS 117: Cairo - Cuibul spionilor - OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies - OSS 117 - Der Spion, der sich liebte - 2006 Film OSS 117: Cairo - Cuibul spionilor - OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies - OSS 117 - Der Spion, der sich liebte - 2006 online in romana. Tout le monde se méfie de tout le monde, tout le monde complote contre tout le monde : Anglais, Français, Soviétiques, la famille du Roi déchu Farouk qui veut retrouver son trône, les Aigles de Khéops, secte religieuse qui veut prendre le pouvoir. Better than the film, but there you are. Twelve years after his exploits in Cairo, OSS 117 is back on a new mission at the other end of the world. OSS 117 - Francuska pustolovna parodija na filmove o Jamesu Bondu - Pogledajte video i opis za film OSS 117 (OSS 117: Le Caire nid d'espions / OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies) # film # french # 2009 # headache # jean dujardin # random # oss 117 # jean dujardin # le caire nid despions # pour vous servir # jean dujardin # french # french movie # oss 117 # jean dujardin # brnice bjo # french # french movie # oss 117 # jean dujardin # brnice bjo # … OSS 117, Le Caire nid d'espions est un film réalisé par Michel Hazanavicius avec Jean Dujardin, Bérénice Bejo. OSS 117 est une série de romans d'espionnage créée en août 1949 par l'écrivain français Jean Bruce, reprise à sa mort par son épouse Josette, puis par ses enfants François et Martine.Elle a fait l'objet de nombreuses adaptations, notamment cinématographiques et télévisées. Egipat, 1955. OSS-117 has been such a box-office hit in France that, like Peter Sellers, Jean Dujardin may well be tied to this single role in a string of decreasingly funny films. Starring: Aure Atika, Bérénice Bejo, Jean Dujardin. As he tracks down a microfilm that is compromising for the State, France s most famous secret agent will have to capture a Nazi blackmailer. No, the character was brought back into action in the 1963 film OSS 117 se déchaîne (OSS 117 Is Unleashed) starring Kerwin Matthews (Jack the Giant Killer) as the suave secret agent, the first of the 5 films in this beautifully restored collection and co-starring Irina Demick (The Sicilian Clan).

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